Our lead designer, Sandi Masori, has written many books on Balloons.  Stay tuned, because new titles will be added soon 🙂


Learn To Make Your Own Balloons- The DIY Balloon Bible For All Seasons — A perfect book for beginners or seasoned pros alike. In this book there are 25 designs, including one for every month!

The Event Planner’s Essential Guide To Balloons was written with the event planner in mind, but reading this book will help anyone who is using balloons for parties. In this book, Sandi interviews 9 other professional balloon artists and 3 event planners to show best practices, fun designs and do’s an do nots of using balloons for parties.

The Ultimate Guide To Inflating Your Tradeshow Profits is a perfect book for anyone who is looking to use balloons as a way to draw attention to a table, booth or event. There are some great tips and ideas in here on how you can use balloons to help market your business.