Who Are The DIY Balloon Art Experts?

Who are we?   Our head designer is  Sandi Masori, CBA , "America's Top Balloon Expert".  Generally speaking, we’re a couple of professional balloon artists who are also somewhat crafty.  We got tired of seeing so many DIY balloon projects end badly, so we figured we could help educate and inspire Diy-ers and crafters to take their balloon decorations to the next level.  Our goal is to help you wow your friends and amaze your family.  We have something for everyone here.  Many of the projects you can even do with your kids if you want.

We’re not a big corporation, just a couple of friends who put their heads together and came up with a good thing.  Our product line includes innovative balloon design instructions and design kits that will give you exactly what you need to make each design.


We sell kits for every one of our designs.  You can either buy the balloons in bulk, or just get the kit.  Click here to visit our DIY Balloon Art Store! 

Balloon Of The Month Club

COMING SOON - The Balloon Of The Month Club-- every month you will get the new design project.  A party in a box! 🙂

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